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Commitments to resource development

Portal administration and part of active users has long held commitment to develop the resource. We are encouraging all new users to help us. To make a contribution to its development can everyone effortlessly. The portal was being created a few years, with an active support of the users who are interested in its promotion and further development. And all continuously registering musicians wish to develop the resource (see "wants" in the profiles). On the resource users get free access to professional materials of equal quality to commercial. Therefore, it is true, if the newly enrollers bring benefits in a fraction of site development. For many years every musician saved up more or less decent archive of notes taken at different times from various publicly available sources. By doing simple manipulations to upload music in our archive, you will make a small contribution to the development of the resource. This procedure is quite simple. The upload is possible directly from the profile after registration. The preliminary requirements regard only to the size of the image: stick size 750x900px and then everything is loaded correctly and immediately. All explanations for uploading you will see at boot time there. Having declared at check-in a kind of a contribution to the music library, it is better to continue to adhere to these commitments in order to avoid misunderstandings. We will take this into account in the calculation of bonuses in the future.

You can fill up the archive after registration. Guests (not users) do not have access to downloads’ section of notes in the archive.

For jazz musicians who are experienced - you can make a much greater contribution, adding to the collection backing tracks, suitable for playing improvisations. Another major contribution may be, if you are able to record your own part of backing track accompanied by drum’s playback - to play improvisations. On this occasion, make access through the contact section. All authors will be marked and can rely on efficient advertising from our administration.