Tea for Two
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Дом кота из бруса

Tea for Two

really note-for-note jazz piano, bass, drums, sax transcriptions

tea for two.jpg"Tea for Two" is a song from the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette with music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Irving Caesar . The song is sung from the viewpoint of a lovestruck man, who plans the future with his new woman in mind.
"Tea for Two" became a jazz standard and was recorded by numerous bands and instrumentalists. One famous interpretation of the song is Tommy Dorsey's cha-cha-cha version, re-popularized in 2005 by adverts for McVitie's biscuits. Another notable recording was made by Art Tatum in 1939.

The song was also orchestrated by Dimitri Shostakovich in 1928 under the title Tahiti-Trot. Conductor Nikolai Malko bet Shostakovich 100 rubles that he couldn't orchestrate the song after having heard it just once on a record. Shostakovich won the bet by doing the orchestration successfully in under 45 minutes.